1996 Damon Corporation Daybreak 3130 Motorhome

The 1996 Damon Daybreak 3130

This is an easy to drive class A gasoline motorhome. It’s just short enough that it’s not too tough to get around corners and gas pumps, so if you’re new to driving one it should be fairly easy to learn.  Plus, it’s got enough motor to get uphill in no time.  Yes it’s the same big-block gas puller style engine you find in a lot of other older motorhomes, but the vehicle isn’t quite so heavy as some, so you get reasonable acceleration.  If you’ve never driven a Class A before, this is a good one to learn with as there’s not a scary top-heavy feeling as you go down the road.   And, the interior is a light blue and white, so it even feels light inside as well.  All in all it’s a comfortable and fun graduation from smaller RV’s and motorhomes.



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