The Shasta 1999 TRAVELMASTER 295SL Class C

Ever Seen a  Class C with 2 slideout rooms?
The Shasta  TRAVELMASTER 295SL was built on the  FORD F-450 CHASSIS.
GVWR is about 14,500 lbs so the big gasoline powerplant has little trouble getting you up and down hills, and the overall height is quite a bit less than a big Class A bus so while peering under the bunk loft may be new to you… you won’t feel quite so nervous at every overpass – although you will still want to get out and look as you go under trees and doorways.   There’s a full complement of tv antennae and air conditioners up top .  Would not want to scrape one off under the bank awning or a low branch

100_2153 100_2152 100_2151 100_2150 100_2149 100_2148 100_2147 100_2146


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