1994 Cordoba Widebody Class A Motorhome

It seems like the RV and Motorcoach industry has had many more brands and styles than you see on the road now… for instance, do remember National? How about Cobra?

This is the 1994 Cordoba.  75000 miles, auto transmission, 460 Ford.  In good shape overall, drives well, runs well, no smoke… and is a nice light color inside.  It’s wider than many motorhomes, which probably why it drives well, and why they called it the “Widebody”.  Don’t spend much time looking for a slideout – it’s comfortable without having one.  The couch admidships goes crosswise to the vehicle instead of being on one wall under a window…

The Cordoba by Cobra name was connected to a line-up of Class A motorhomes built briefly during the mid 1990s. Ranging from 30 to 36 feet, Cordoba by Cobra motorhomes were modern-looking, widebody recreational vehicles powered by Ford engines. The Cordoba name disappeared after 1995 just as the parent company Cobra Industries would eventually fall out of business.  Which is a shame, for a lot of reasons.  This is the only vehicle I saw so far that let you sit on the couch, side by side, and look straight ahead  just like you would at home…

Last seen heading north about 65 mph…

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