Identify your Suburban Furnace

SFQ Series Furnaces The SH 35 edition furnance by Suburban Manufacturing

Suburban’s SFQ Series furnaces provide heating performance in a ducted unit have heating capacities from 20,000 to 42,000 BTUH.  They are all 7 1/2 inches high,  and can be easily installed in areas that might otherwise be left unused.   There are currently nine duct connection choices (top, front, side and bottom), as well as models available for either interior or exterior installation and service.

The SFQ Models feature top or side rear gas and electrical connections, with an optional exterior access door for installation and service access.

The SF-FQ Models are designed for interior serviceability with a front (inside) gas connection and only a small vent terminal on the coach exterior, permitting installation up to 9 inches from the wall with  no exterior access door is required.

For design flexibility, all SFQ Models feature identical cabinet dimensions.

All SFQ Models also feature quiet, multi-ported stainless steel burners, sealed forced-draft combustion, automatic direct spark ignition and low amp draw.

If you must order for parts for your furnace, always get the model and serial numbers from the tag on the furnace – designs get revised from time to time.

Model Number      SFQ-20/20FQ      SFQ-25/25FQ      SFQ-30/30FQ      SFQ-35/35FQ      SFQ-42/42FQ
BTUH Input                   20,000                   25,000                   30,000                35,000                     42,000
Height                            7 1/2″                     7 1/2″                   7 1/2″                  7 1/2″                      7 1/2″
Width                               17″                         17″                       17″                       17″                          17″
Depth                              20″                          20″                       20″                       20″                          20″
Voltage                         12 VDC                    12 VDC                  12 VDC                12 VDC                   12 VDC
Amp. Draw                      7.0                           7.0                       7.0                       8.0                           9.0
Ship Wt.                        32 lbs.                      32 lbs.                  32 lbs.                  35 lbs.                     35 lbs.
Unit Wt.                        29 lbs.                      29 lbs.                  29 lbs.                  32 lbs.                     32 lbs.
Duct Outlet Size:
Sides/Bottom               4″ Round                  4″ Round              4″ Round              4″ Round                 4″ Round
Bottom                         4″ x 14″                    4″ x 14″                4″ x 14″                4″ x 14″                  4″ x 14″

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