Helpful Hints, Tips, Tricks for your RV (Learned the hard way)

DO YOUR PART to keep the water running this winter! Winterize!  Or, leave the water running all the time and make folks mad.  In any case… you know we’re headed into some of the coldest weather of the year… so wrap your pipes, drain tanks you’re not using,  either dry things out or use RV antizfreeze… There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and finding there’s no way to use the restroom, no where to get a drink of water from…

Keep all the hunks o’ food and ‘stuff’ out of your greywater tanks!  Use a stainless steel screen in your kitchen sink drain to catch all the food particles and scraps that would normally go down the drain,  dump them in the trash instead. Works like a charm and will probably extend the life of your greywater tank and dump valve.  For sure… it will help end all the ‘weird smells’!  You can find them hardware and box stores all over this country.

Did you know that an un-subscribed cell phone can still call 911? It’s true. The FCC mandates that either of the two wireless cell phone systems (wireless and non-wireless, AT&T vs Cell One, etc.) are required to handle 911 calls of the other system. If the phone isn’t subscribed to either, the receiving cell system thinks the phone is subscribed to the competing system. Therefore, it allows the call. So hang on to that old cell phone or purchase one like the Track Fone at Wall Mart ($9.00 on sale) and keep it handy.

Don’t just hook up your RV’s  black water drain to the park, pull the valve open and leave it… it lets all the water drain away while leaving the SOLID waste to form a pileup in the bottom of the black tank directly below the commode.
The toilet in your RV doesn’t send gallons of water gushing down with every flush… so there’s no way to get that pile to move on just by flushing, either.  You’ll eventually have to close the output valve, allow some water to build up to help soften that stool, add some digester… if you keep that output valve closed, keep some deodorizer and digester in the tank, and only dump MOST of the tank from time to time it will work out better for you.

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